Whenever you need to dig, whether for a home improvement project or a major construction undertaking, it’s essential to know where all the utilities run below the surface before you begin. While you should always call 811, they only mark out the public utilities, leaving you in the dark regarding any private utilities that may run through the property. That’s why it’s best to work with a third party private utility locating company in the Missouri area to ensure your project’s safety.

We Detect All Private Utilities

The 811 service only detects certain utilities that belong to the public domain. However, most properties also have various private utilities that run from these public utilities to the structure and types of utilities not registered with 811. Hiring a private, third party utility locating company in Missouri gives you peace of mind all utilities are marked for your reference before you start digging. We can locate and identify water, sewer, electricity, gas, fiber optic, communication and more types of private utilities, so you can rest assured you know exactly where everything is.

Keep Your Workers Safe

Keeping everyone safe should be a top priority while planning a big construction project. Digging before identifying the location of any underground utilities can lead to accidents with serious consequences. A private utility locating company in Missouri like Baker Utility Partners is your best bet for identifying private utilities and marking their paths to ensure optimal safety on the job site. It’s your responsibility to make sure every job is completed safely and efficiently.

Reduce Your Costs

Another critical reason to hire a third-party utility locator like Baker Utility Partners in Missouri such as Baker Utility Partners is to save money in the long run. Not only is hitting an underground utility dangerous, but it’s costly. Spending the money to hire a private utility locating company prevents these mistakes, so there are no surprises.

If you’re ready to hire a reliable third party, private utility locating company in Missouri, contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule our services at the most convenient time for you.