When Baker Utility Partners does a complete cable-locate, it’s on time, they meet our schedule, and their cost is fair. They act with integrity. There’s a lot of trust there.

Indianapolis Power and Light

The locate success has been 100% on target. Hiring this firm has saved the government countless funds.

Brian L. Munley
DAF, Superintindent, Operations Support, Whiteman AIrforce Base

In an industry where our technicians seem to spend almost as much time in training as they do actually performing their duties, it is sometimes hard to get them to fully engage. Not so with Baker Utility Partners conducting the session. All in attendance were attentive throughout, said they enjoyed the interaction, and wanted additional sessions. Baker Utility Partners will be back at our offices in the future.

Dan Munthe
Alliance Pipeline

Our survey and engineering departments have used Baker Utility Partners exclusively for a few years. They have always went above and beyond on communication and the ability to prioritize our needs. Their quality of work is second to none! Cripe and Baker Utility Partners have formed a strong partnership and look forward to a long term relationship!!

Dennis McGuire
VP/ Survey&Real Estate

Baker Utility Partners provides service to clients throughout the United States. If you have private utility locating needs, please fill out our online form or give us a call at 855.756.2283.

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