At Baker Utility Partners, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service on every project, every time, no matter how big or small the job. But we also believe that serving our customers goes beyond doing our job well and doing it safely. That’s why we offer flat rate billing to all of our customers.

The Benefit of Flat Rate Billing

What exactly do we mean when we say we offer flat rate billing to our clients? We offer a flat rate billing fee regardless of the equipment brought to any project to make it simple and cost-effective for our clients.

We know that when you’re managing a construction or renovation project, you’re working hard to keep things on time and on budget. The process can often bring surprises and unexpected delays or expenses.

We don’t want private utility locating to be one of those unexpected expenses. Our flat rate billing ensures that you won’t deal with hidden fees or extra charges for equipment or travel. We believe in honesty and clear communication, and that includes a bill that you can understand.

Fair Pricing; Excellent Service

Hiring Baker Utility Partners to manage your private utility locating means accuracy every time — that in itself will save you from costly mistakes and setbacks. In addition, our easy-to-understand flat rate billing means you’ll never be caught off guard by the cost of your project. It’s just one more way we offer our clients the very best customer service.

Are you ready to learn more about how we can help move your project forward? Contact us today to get a quote or schedule your locate. Our team is ready to serve you, so your project can be safe and successful.