Baker Utility Partners specializes in identifying and locating underground utilities that are not covered by the 811 service; including Gas and Oil pipelines, Water, Communication, Electric, Waste Water, Fiber Optic, and others. Private utility locating involves a variety of techniques and equipment, which include Electromagnetic, Ground Penetrating Radar, and more. Baker Utility Partners’ approach to utility locating is based on over 90 years of field experience and meets or exceeds NULCA Competency Standards, CAPULC Pipeline Locating Standards, and PHMSA requirements. Baker Utility Partners utilizes technology and techniques in a multi-layered approach that offset each technologies’ limitations to ensure the best possible outcome when locating. Our specialized approach while conducting utility exploration combined with taking the time to communicate with all parties involved, ensures your team is protected and there aren’t any surprises.

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Hear from Steve Baker, VP of Training & Consulting, about why his mantra throughout 45 years in the business has always been “Safety and Quality.”

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We’re proud to offer you over 90 years of experience upholding the highest utility locate quality and safety standards, providing clear communication and putting your needs first. Meet our leadership team including Rick Jacobs, Director of Operations, Aaron Reitz, VP of Business Development, Steve Baker, VP of Training & Consulting, and Dan Baker, President. 



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