You may have heard stories about it happening to other excavation companies but never imagined it could happen to you. In the United States, every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged by someone working on an excavation site.

It’s almost a complete out of sight, out of mind thought process until something catastrophic happens. Evacuation damage to underground utilities can result in more than a disruption of utility services for customers. It can be dangerous for anyone working on or around the utilities.

Furthermore, it can be overwhelming and financially devastating for your business to determine what is at stake, who is to blame, what you can do to repair the utilities while integrating the cost of what you have to pay for all of this. Please read on to learn how consultations with a top-of-the-line service for any underground utilities can save you stress, anxiety, money, and time before you start any excavation project.

Excavation Damage

Once you have excavation damage to underground utilities, you’re almost too late to save yourself the aggravation, and the financial hit your company is going to take in fixing all that was damaged or lost. That’s why before you even begin an excavation project you need to know where the buried utilities are located. You don’t want to be responsible for the large-scale property damage, loss of life, service outages, or immensely expensive repair work that will be needed on something you could have prevented with a simple project consultation.

Utility Damage Prevention

That’s why there are companies that offer everything from GIS mapping of the underground utilities to ground penetrating radar on your excavation site. You need a utility damage prevention partner that will utilize the latest and greatest GIS equipment, so they can provide you with precise utility placement as well as data format reference prints for any future work you may do in the area.

There is a lot at stake every time you begin to dig, which is why you want a partner or consultant that’s not owned by a public utility, so you gain an understanding of their information on private and public underground structures for gas, electric, water, phone, cable, and utilities.

Underground Assets

As an excavator, you know that you need to protect whatever underground assets are on your work site because if there’s an issue, it will be your company that trudges away with a hefty fine, fee, and cost to repair it all. That means you want a partner or consultant that offers you experience working with surveyors, builders, engineers, and more in determining the underground assets at your excavation site. An extra benefit is to find a consulting company that can offer you exemplary knowledge with stellar years of experience.

Your Next Dig Needs Underground Utility Protection

There’s a stellar team with years of experience and exemplary knowledge you need, and they bring their quality research, tools, and information to your excavation site. You can reach out to Baker Utility Partners or give us a call at 855.756.2283.

Because when an underground utility is damaged you may not have time to think or rest for a moment, putting out the immediate aftermath incidents that occur. It’s even possible that you won’t recover financially from this one mistake. The problem is you can’t go back in time to fix the excavation damage incurred, so preventing it from ever happening is in your power today!