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Best Ground Penetrating Radar In Missouri

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Best Ground Penetrating Radar Missouri And Central USA,  Has To Offer. 

Do you have a large excavation project with a tight deadline? Are you concerned about what could be hiding below the surface of your worksite? We can help. Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR, is a locating technology that emits energy waves into the ground and measures the return to identify subsurface anomalies. Further investigation of the anomalies allows locators to determine the presence of possible buried utilities and their path. GPR is particularly useful for identifying the location of non-metallic lines, which do not respond to electromagnetic methods. GPR can be used to find underground tanks and other disturbances in the earth.

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Ground penetrating Radar Missouri
Ground penetrating Radar Missouri
Ground penetrating Radar Missouri

Underground Locating Services in Missouri: Baker Utility Partners 

Are you a homeowner, business owner, contractor, or utility company? Do you need professional assistance to locate utilities in Missouri as you prepare to start a construction project?

Our expertise and advanced technology can locate anything buried on your property or a property you’re servicing. Whether it be buried pipes, wiring, or any other potential obstacles or hazards, we can discover it. We also will map our findings for documentation and future use.

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Our Locating Services in Missouri

What does being a utility locator in Missouri entail? The following encompasses the underground locating services we provide in Missouri.

Private Utility Locating

We identify and locate underground utilities that are not covered by 811 services. These include gas and oil pipelines, water lines, communication lines, electrical lines, wastewater, fiber optic cables, and other conduits.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a locating technology that sends energy waves into the ground and measures their return. This technology identifies any subsurface anomalies. Further investigation helps locators determine the presence of possible buried utilities and their paths. We use a powerful ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology to scan the area quickly and safely and find underground utility lines and other structures before you begin to dig. This allows us to detect structures like tanks, utility lines, wells, and other disturbances.

Concrete Radar

Concrete scanning helps us locate any hidden lines or cables in your concrete slab to cut or drill into it with confidence. It is a safe, accurate, and reliable method for locating conduits, rebar, and post-tension cables.

Utility Mapping

Once utility locating is complete, we offer GIS mapping of our findings for documentation and future use as reference prints. We also collect utility documentation as requested by our client and deliver the data in the requested format.

Our Process Reflects Our Values

Our process is tailored to fit the needs of our clients and their projects. What follows are the core components adhere to, regardless of the situation:

  • Understanding the project parameters
  • Communicating any issues found during the project
  • Delivering detailed and accurate information
  • Ensuring client satisfaction

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Knowledgeable and Conscientious

We know that underground utility locating in Missouri is a unique and essential service. If you call on us, you will have no regrets whatsoever.

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