Private Utility Locating in St Louis

Professional Private Locating Services for Underground Utilities in St. Louis

The most important aspect of your construction project is keeping your contractors safe. One of the first steps you must perform before breaking ground is locating any underground utilities. Baker Utility Partners is your leading private utility locator in St. Louis, providing value when it comes to underground private utility locating. We deliver the most professional service using state of the art technologies including ground penetrating radar to accurately and precisely locate utilities so that they can be avoided during digging. Maximize safety on your site with ease with the leading private utility locator in the country.

Locate Utilities to Keep Your Site Safe

When it comes to underground private utility locating in St. Louis, nothing beats the expertise of the team at Baker Utility Partners. Using ground penetrating radar, we quickly and accurately identify the location and depth of utilities including gas, water and electrical in order to keep your team safe. Damage to these utilities could lead to explosions, fires, electrocution and flooding, but with our expert team, you can reduce risk for a safer site. We take the hard work out of understanding where your utilities are located, providing crucial safety precautions that add value to your build.

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Maximize safety in your workplace with underground private utility locating services offered by Baker Utility Partners in St. Louis. To learn more about our services, contact our team today by calling us at 855-756-2283 or email us at

Rick Jacobs

St. Louis – Director of Operations

Rick Jacobs

Rick Jacobs, Director of Operations at Baker Utility Partners, is a key member of the leadership team bringing 25 years of utility locating and placement industry experience to the table. He has filled a wide range of roles throughout his career which offers our clients and team in the field a unique depth of experience to draw upon. During Rick’s career he has held the following positions: Utility Locator, Trainer, Damage Investigator, Claims Manager, Project Manager, Area Supervisor, District Manager, Regional Manager, and Director of Operations.

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