Private Utility Locating in Kansas City

Precise and Accurate Underground Private Utility Locating Offered in Kansas City

Damage to underground utilities during construction projects poses significant risk to those in the area. Gas, water and electrical conduits must be located before digging begins in order to reduce this risk. In Kansas City, Baker Utility Partners is your leading source of private utility locating services using the most advanced technology for the highest levels of precision and accuracy. During the planning stage of your project, our team can help you to identify any areas of concern so that they can be avoided during work.

Advanced Private Utility Locator Using Ground Penetrating Radar

As the leading private utility locator in Kansas City, the team at Baker Utility Partners provides value and peace of mind for any type of construction site. We use ground penetrating radar to locate utilities in the most accurate way, ensuring safety on your site. When damaged, gas pipes produce extreme explosion risk, while electrical wire damage can lead to fires. Damage to your water pipes will cause flooding that will reduce the integrity of the ground, increasing the risk of collapse of trenches. In order to maintain the highest levels of safety across your site, the team at Baker Utility Partners will locate utilities with ease.

Learn How to Easily Locate Utilities in Kansas City Today

Safety on your site is paramount, so when it comes to underground private utility locating in Kansas City, you can count on the team at Baker Utility Partners. To learn more, call today at 855-756-2283 or email us at

Jordan Liberty

Kansas City – Director of Operations

Rick Jacobs

Rick Jacobs, Director of Operations at Baker Utility Partners, is a key member of the leadership team bringing 25 years of utility locating and placement industry experience to the table. He has filled a wide range of roles throughout his career which offers our clients and team in the field a unique depth of experience to draw upon. During Rick’s career he has held the following positions: Utility Locator, Trainer, Damage Investigator, Claims Manager, Project Manager, Area Supervisor, District Manager, Regional Manager, and Director of Operations.

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