Private Utility Locating in Indiana

Safer Construction with Underground Private Utility Locating in Indiana

It is crucial to your safety that you properly locate utilities underground before commencing a construction project. Gas pipes and electrical wires pose a significant risk if they are damaged, and could lead to substantial costs in terms of fines and repairs. Baker Utility Partners is your leading provider of locating services in Indiana and uses a range of advanced methods, including ground-penetrating radar, to identify the location of underground utilities so that they can be avoided. Our team prides themselves on delivering the most professional service with the high level of attention to detail that will make a difference to your project.

Why You Need a Private Utility Locator for Your Project

The risks involved in damaging utilities underground during construction are massive, but with the team at Baker Utility Partners in Indiana, you can carry out your project with confidence. Electrical wires can pose a significant risk of electrocutions or fires, while gas lines can explode if they are broken during the course of the project. Water lines can cause flooding if damaged, with excess water reducing the integrity of the ground in a way that could lead to collapse. Maximize your safety with underground private utility locating before you start to dig.

Learn More About Professional Third-Party Locating Services in Indiana Today

During the early stages of project planning, ensure that you speak to a qualified private utility locater in Indiana. To learn more about the services offered by Baker Utility Partners, call today at 855-756-2283 or email us at

Jordan Starkey

Indiana Location Manager

Jordan Starkey

Jordan is 28 years old and was born and raised in central Indiana and is married to his wife Jess and together they have a son Forest. Jordan has been in the locating/construction industry for the last 7 years and has been with Baker Utility Partners since May of 2016. Jordan really enjoys the private utility locating side of the industry as it allows him to build strong partnerships with our clients and focus on the client and provide them with the best quality service possible. In his free time, he enjoys target shooting, fishing and spending time with his wife Jess and Son Forest.

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