Private Utility Locating in Chicago

Professional Third-Party Utility Locating Using Ground Penetrating Radar in Chicago

Every construction project requires exceptional planning in order to be successful, and one of the most important first steps is ensuring that you know where the underground utilities are located before breaking ground. Baker Utility Partners offers the most outstanding locating services for underground utilities in the Chicago area using advanced techniques that take the hard work out of planning your project. Our friendly and professional service combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes us the leaders in the industry.

Why Underground Private Utility Locating is an Important First Step

Underground utilities often include water, gas and electricity, and damage to any of these features can lead to significant risk of harm to you and your crew. At Baker Utility Partners, we offer the most robust service for underground private utility locating in Chicago, ensuring that your project can be carried out safely and according to regulations. Prevent the risk of fire, explosions and electrocutions by understanding exactly where the utilities are located with our innovative methods that include ground penetrating radar. As the leader in the industry, our highly trained team delivers the most professional service every time.

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Ensure that your site is safe with a professional third-party utility locater from Baker Utility Partners in Chicago. Our advanced techniques provide peace of mind from start to finish. To learn more about our services, call our team today at 855-756-2283 or email us at

Michael Clark

Chicago Location Manager

Michael Clark

Manager of Northern Illinois and surrounding Illinois areas.

I started off in the underground utility locating industry in 2016 quickly becoming a lead tech in my area dedicating my-self to leading the way in quality and damage prevention. In 2019 I Joined the Team at Baker Utility Partners. I have been handling the day-to-day operations as utility locating consultant and now manager of Northern Illinois. With the goal to develop Northern Illinois into a highly reputable and quality driven service area. When not at work I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors with my family and taking our camper across the country camping and hiking when ever possible.

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