At Baker Utility Partners, we view our clients as more than just a job.  They are our partners.  They help us connect with our local community and provide a valuable service to those in our area, and we work diligently to build trust and create relationships with our clients.

The Baker Utility Partners Relationship starts with open communication.  We talk with our clients to understand their needs, any concerns or issues, and all special circumstances.  Our goal is to help you complete your project safely and smoothly.  We are happy to attend any pre-bid or pre-construction meetings to help explain the value of a private utility locating company beyond 811.

But it doesn’t stop there.  At Baker Utility Partners, we proactively communicate with our clients before, during and after the project.  Dan Baker, president of Baker Utility Partners, “We are not looking for transactions, we are looking for partnerships.”  If you are onsite and have questions, we will be there.  We stand behind everything we do to help you be safe and successful with your projects.

Baker Utility Partners also uses all the tools and equipment necessary to do the job right.  Dan states, “Our goal is to make sure you are safe and have what you need to make sure your project runs smoothly.”  Unlike many other third-party utility locating companies, we use simple flat-rate billing.  This allows us to focus on doing what is best for our clients and not on upselling.  As a partner, we help you through all your projects and can work with you on budgets, timing and concerns.

Get in touch with us and let us build a relationship with you that will let you move forward on all your projects with confidence.