For all underground utility projects, safety and quality should be top-of-mind. To ensure a top-notch investigation and cleanup, these three tools are critical to ensure your next project is effective and efficient.

Tool # 1: A Quality Team

An excellent team is the most important tool at your disposal. After you’ve made effective use of 811 and prepared all of your pre-excavation documentation, you certainly don’t want to ruin your safety streak. When you have top-of-the-line equipment, you need a group of trained professionals that are skilled in how to use it.

With the Baker Utility Partners team, there is no latitude when it comes to safety and quality. They are the cornerstone of our value proposition.

Tool # 2: Communication

Ongoing communication throughout a project’s duration is at the core of project success and satisfaction and is core to the Baker Utility Partners adage of “no surprises.”

Baker Utility Partners’ pre-project planning involves meeting with the project manager to understand objectives, needs and costs; aligning on the full project scope.

Project In Process
Transparency is kept consistent throughout all project stages; any updates and issues are immediately communicated to the project manager to ensure the client is left with no surprises at dig completion.

A routine post-project discussion with the Baker Utility Partners team ensures all parties involved fully understand the final status including the key findings and any outlier issues that many have occurred.

Tool # 3: The Right Equipment

Whether it is Electromagnetic equipment, Ground Penetrating Radar or Concrete Radar, Baker Utility Partners has the right equipment to ensure your project is completed effectively, efficiently, and with safety top of mind.

A deep expertise on how to leverage the proper equipment allows for projects to be accomplished effectively and accurately; enabling clients to continue managing their project deliverables safely and within budget.

With the Baker Utility Partners team, there is no latitude when it comes to safety, quality, and expertise. Contact us today and let us deliver the Baker difference.